July 17th, 2003



Turns out I liked Disturbed a bunch. Wasn't so thrilled with Korn or Marilyn Manson or any of the second stage bands. I like a few Manson songs, but the stage show just didn't really do it for me. Me, I'd rather someone be emphasizing the music rather than doing elaborate performance art. Relatively bad performance art at that. The stage show was choppy. No thematic coherence. And the provocative dancers don't shock me or titillate me. So they didn't really seem to fill much purpose to me.

Disturbed on the other hand I think personified what I like in a band. Just them and a big stage playing music. They had about 3 handicapped people on stage after they had crowd-surfed in wheelchairs. Something I've never seen before and which I thought was relatively impressive. Impressed the band too, and they had them lifted on stage. Then went into a spiel about how metal is the only genre that makes you more powerful for listening to it. Or some hogwash like that. Don't think crowd surfing meanss one has gained power, or that listening to metal is any indication of future power gains, but whatever. We all have our delusions.

The merchandise area was a bit bothersome though. Lot of what I would call white trash wandering around drinking beer. Place smelled like stale beer. Not the most pleasant. And I am not really desiresome of watching extremely overweight women wander around topless. Nor am I impressed by the men who hung out around the body painting booth to hopefully see tits. I think public nudity is great. What I dislike is the pathos of most instances of it. Mardi gras: men begging women to show their tits. Women baring nipples for cheap beads. At Ozzfest, the men hovering just bother me. If you need to see tits that much, go to a strip club. Mostly it's the men that bother me. But it's partially the women too. See what kind of reaction I can get? That attitude.

Enjoyed the company very much though. And it was culture in a sense for me. Gets me out and doing something different than I normally would do.