July 4th, 2003


Israel & Palestine

I know Poul and a few other harcore supporters of Israel will scoff, but I am actually getting hopeful about the peace possibilities in Israel. Specifically, the Palestinian Authority arrested militants who had fired anti-tank ordnance at an Israel town. The P.A. is avoiding a full-on armed confrontation with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade, but does seemt to be finessing (I know I know, not actually a verb) some actual action into its tactics.



Had betanoir, chronivore, wire_mother, oracle2c, Lee, domestinatrix, vorona, corvuscrx, butterflake, djxavier13, fairygirl70, dyann, marc17, liberpolly, unrealcinema, jakerain, turtlegrrl13, and Kaia over for my 4th of July shindig. Made cheese crack. Made sloppy joes. Had chips and dips. Went through a fridgefull of beverages. And saw the fireworks from the front row. As like last year, you could feel the concussion from the fireworks. At first I thought something was different, cause I couldn't feel it. Boat was further away or something. Then they started blowing off the big ones. Car alarm went off 4 times because of the shockwave. Fireworks are meant to be viewed like this.

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