June 29th, 2003


John Sandford, Mind Prey

Just finished reading my first book from the batch of books I bought from Carla. I picked John Sandford's Mind Prey. It's a detective story starring Lucas Davenport, a gamer/software company owner and also an über-sleuth cop.

Here's what I liked about the story. The computer stuff is realistic. Our hero actually knows what he's doing, yet still makes mistakes. What I don't like about it. Feels by the numbers. Lots of seemingly tenuous yet actually solid connections between the bad guys and victims if only the police would connect the dots. Everything turns out pretty much peachy-keen at the end, except for the ensign in the red uniform who we never saw on any other episode. Given a chance to escape, the bad guy decides to go back to his hideout to kill his captives, rather than just light out for the west coast. And the last thing the that bothers me is none of the police officers shows much regard for actual police procedure or legal requirements.

Hmmm, I wrote more negatives than positives there. I actually did like the book. Definitely not the greatest detective story around, but good poppy mind-candy. I guess I only note the negatives because I want to note down the things I want to avoid when I write my mystery novel. And yes, I do have an idea for a mystery novel. Just don't yet have the skills to write it. Perhaps I shall sign up for a fiction writing course this fall. Hmmm… I have a target. Last year it was mountain climbing. Perhaps this year it shall be learning to write fiction.