June 20th, 2003


Beach burn

Want to go to the beach burn tonight. Might not be a good idea though, as I need to work overnight and I have a wedding to attend tomorrow afternoon. At some point, sleep would be good.

But I do like fire so much…


I work tonight from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Expedia is releasing the new version of our website to our European sites. I don't have a lot to do, but I have to be there. Really wish I didn't have to. I am feeling melancholy. I want to connect with people. I want to flirt. I want to have a conversation. Alas, none shall come to pass this evening.

To make up for that, I am going to pick up teriyaki to eat at work.

I also was able to actually take a nap this afternoon. Took the afternoon off because of the prop tonight. This is standard operating procedure. However, usually all I do is vegetate. I only slept around 5 hours last night and so my afternoon from 2 p.m. until around 7 p.m. I napped. Damn fine nap if I do say so myself. Guinevere curled up with me. Have to make do for the flirting and conversation portion of my night.



Did I mention I have a wedding to attend tomorrow? I think I did, but I'm going senile early. I have no date. I hate going to weddings dateless, because it seems like almost everyone else in attendance is already coupled up and they use their coupledom as protection against conversation. What's left for conversation is Wally, the ex-Marine misogynist. Or Lou, the bride's dementia-addled grandfather. Or the 8 year old niece flowergirl. This is why I like short weddings with small attendance. More likely that I know the people in attendance and that they will talk to me regardless of their coupledom.