June 13th, 2003



I just spent 45 minutes frantically cleaning my apartment in an attempt to find my proximity card so I can get in my office. At least twice a week I have to scramble to find something in the morning. Usually keys. Sometimes the proximity card. Sometimes bus pass. Sometimes wallet.

Of course, I had already put it in my satchel. Even looked there, but somehow missed it.

Really need to find a system for not misplacing these things. It's not a matter of disciplining myself or remembering either. I can't remember to put my stuff down in the same spot when I get home in the evening. And I can't remember where I do leave them. Hell, sometimes I can't find stuff I have on my person. I am not allowed to hold the tickets or parking pass when hanging out with Deborah even, cause it requires a strip search for me to find them when required.



For some reason, I'm finding the mind hive style of jackassery very unfunny lately. Usually it's quite humorous to me, although I am not a participant for the most part. Am I just getting old? Or is it just a phase? Or is it that there are so many fucking pretenders and I just need the original stryper666krautboytardorama jackassery and no imitations or substitutions to be allowed?

I'm hoping it's the latter. The rest of you, stop polluting.