June 3rd, 2003


Benzina (Gasoline)

Saw this one at the Harvard Exit for SIFF last night. Yeah. Lame Thelma and Louise rip-off set in Italy except the protagonists' sexual tension is thrown right in your face instead of all subtle-like as in Thelma and Louise. On top of that, Thelma and Louise grew up and became better people. All the more tragic. The characters in this movie stay stupid and vacuous. The bad guys were annoying, but I still wanted them to beat the holy living crap out of the lesbians. Cause the lesbians evoked no sympathy. I can't even call them by their character names, they pushed the lesbian angle on the viewer so much their names are meaningless.

As I wrote in a comment, I used to think lesbian sex could make any movie decent. I was wrong.

1 star (out of 5).


Jian gui (The Eye)

Last night I saw Jian gui at the Egyption for SIFF. The basic plot is a young woman gets a cornea transplant that allows her to sea for the first time since she was a young child. Only she sees more than she should. She sees death and ghosts. Basically, it's a scarier and creepier version of The Sixth Sense without the plot twist of that movie. I never quite got scared at The Sixth Sense but this one got me a couple of times. Perhaps it is because of the score and other gimmicks, as vulture23 noted. The initial scenes of her regaining her sight and seeing things she shouldn't was great. She didn't know at first that the blurry shadowy figures weren't really there. And she also reacted as I would suspect someone would. She was freaked out and scared as a normal person would.

I did get the sense that some scenes had been cut from the movie for the English subtitled version. Like the movie had dropped clues that I normally pick up on, but I couldn't because they weren't there anymore. I'd be interested in seeing the original version in Mandarin. Course, it would probably help if I learned Mandarin.

4 stars (out of 5)