June 1st, 2003


Out and about

I haven't written about a weekend out in a while. Just haven't felt the need. Was in a weird, not quite depressed head space when I arrived at the Mercury around 9:45 p.m. And it didn't really improve for a while. Played some pool and danced. Ogled the beautiful women. Not the strange unknown people that populated the Mercury tonight. No, I mean the lovely women I know and love. But although their beauty was awesome, my mood was not improved.

What I needed was a connection and conversation. Thanks to the lovely Beth who provided me with my first dose. She also gave me some much needed grounding. Course, it isn't too hard to ground me because I am pretty transparent.

And then Deirdre, Raven, and Elizabeth graced us all with their presence, and I felt at home.

The entry would not be complete without mention of soft, firm hugs. I got my fill tonight. Thanks gorgeous.