May 19th, 2003



So near the end of this last Iraq war, the U.S. unleashed a gaggle of bombs on a restaurant in a relatively swanky section of Baghdad based on information that Saddam Hussein was meeting members of his government in a bunker there. Due to the devastation and the lack of U.S. control over the area at the time, news reports stated that it would be weeks before we knew if Saddam was hit there or not.

In the month since we gained control over that area, we haven't heard anything of the wreckage combing. My question is, what happened there? Did we dispatch a crew there after we took control? Did we just not find Saddam's remains and so we are just letting the incident die quietly?


Curious thought for the day

I know how bacteria and viruses spread. Basically they make copies of themselves and the copies go infect new cells. But how does cancer spread to new cells? Cause cancer cells are body cells. A lot of it I know is just the cells feeding off the body's own food, growing larger and dividing. But how does the cancer jump and spread to a whole nother body tissue?

Tasseled loafers

Last summer, I gave you my opinion on flip-flops. However, in the interests of fairness, there are other forms of foot coverings equally as loathsome. Specifically, tasseled loafers. Totally wrong. They make a nice business suit look cheap. No one looks good wearing tasseled loafers. If I ever become a gay man, out of principle I will refuse to date men who I catch wearing tasseled loafers.