April 25th, 2003



I just got my alumni magazine from the University of Idaho. Sam Couch will lead an excavation of Bronze Age sacred sites in Mongola this summer. Martha Kalnin, who I knew in elementary and junior high, apparently married an Idaho graduate. It's an unusual name and thought it had to be her. So did some checking. Martha Diede neé Kalnin graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 1992 before getting a masters and doctorate from Baylor in 1995 and 1998. She now teaches at Northwest College. The fact that she graduated from S.P.U. in 1992 almost certainly makes her the Martha Kalnin I knew in King's Elementary. King's High School has a relationship with S.P.U. and many graduates go on to S.P.U. Also, a 1992 graduation makes her exactly the right age. Anyway, this is interesting to me mostly because Martha, myself, and Michelle (whose last name I can't remember right now) were considered the smarted kids in our grade. Anyway Martha, congrats on the wedding and all. Not that you'll ever see this.

Also, the one other name I recognized there may not mean anything. There was a note about a Rachel Meigs Manwaring. Although Manwaring is a common name, I am wondering if she might have married a gentleman I know named Michael Manwaring, who disappeared from my social group in the mid-90s. He was the heart-throb of my social scene, and every woman I knew wanted to (and many did) sleep with him. Complete ass, but very pretty.