April 12th, 2003



Winterschläfer marqueeWinterschläfer is the film director Tom Tykwer made before Lola Rennt. I like this one better than Der Krieger und die Kaiserin, but not as much as Lola Rennt. The film is beautiful. Stunning landscapes. Lush sets. Beautiful people. The plot is interesting, but ultimately doesn't have a huge amount going for it. The film examines the lives of René, Laura, Marco, Rebecca, and Theo after a car accident where Theo's child is killed. René had stolen Marco's car in a drunken stupor and doesn't remember. Later, when he meets Marco, Laura, and Rebecca he slowly pieces things together. Tykwer throws in coincidence that doesn't really mean a lot, which is refreshing. Most directors put in coincidence as if it means everything. Tykwer seems to know that it doesn't, but still ties everything together anyway.

Also, this is where Memento stole the memory gimmick.

4 stars


Why I don't like to argue politics

I know, hard to believe I don't like to argue politics given where most of my posts on the crack bored live.

I can handle it on the crack bored because there isn't the immediacy. People don't see the disgusted look on my face when they say something extremely stupid. I tend to be liberal and vote for Democrats. Although that's not solid. I tend not to vote conservative or ultra-liberal because of the idiotic arguments that spew forth from their mouths.

I have no problems with a difference of opinion. But I get really really irritated when someone spews incorrect facts. For instance, people who say that global warming doesn't exist. We can argue to the cause or if anything should be done about it or what should be done and whether or not it needs to make economic sense and if so what is the proper economic weight to give to the environment compared to jobs. But when someone says average temperatures are not higher than they were 10 and 20 years ago, I throw up my hands. And I start to think they are stupid.

And I hate talking to stupid people. Which is why I hate arguing politics. Cause then I find out who is stupid.