March 31st, 2003


Pie Night™ recap

Not gonna list everyone who showed up, as my memory sucks. Maybe 20 people in all showed up, which is less than last time. I was expecting fewer though. We had a great time though. This time I made all the pies ahead of time (but didn't bake them), so I wasn't preparing pies throughout the event and had much more time to socialize. Company was great.

Pie list:

  • 2 pumpkin pies
  • strawberry-rhubarb
  • pear
  • sugar-free apple
  • cheddar apple
  • ice cream pie with Cocoa Krispies crust
  • sweet potato pie with spinach sauce and roasted cashews
  • inanna
    • blueberry
    • chocolate pecan

One thing though is that for the second time in a row, I had a request for pie with special dietary restrictions. This time it was for sugar-free pie. Last time it was for dairy-free pie. But the people who requested these pies didn't show. Urg.

And actually, I am a bit irritated with all the no-shows. I expect a few. And some people have good reasons why they couldn't make it. But I actually got calls from people after the event started saying they would be coming, and then they didn't show. A lot of folks just didn't show or call. Pretty rude. Did their mothers not teach them manners? I would have made less pie more appropriate for the attendance if I had known.

As it was, the event itself was quite enjoyable. The cheddar apple was my best attempt at it yet. And I want to thank the co-hosts and providers of the location, aaminahlefae, ladylygeia, and djxavier13, as well as all the attendees and pie makers.