March 25th, 2003



So a friend just got some flowers just cause. (Not linking to her journal cause that entry is private.) But she made the statement that she's never received flowers before. I just find that odd.

I have flowers delivered 3 to 5 times a year, and usually just cause I think every woman (and every man too, but I'm not sending them flowers) should get flowers occasionally. Kind of a way for me to let someone know that I think they are special. In most cases, it isn't a romantic thing although the last two times were to someone in whom I'm interested. I, on the other hand, have received flowers exactly twice. Once when a girlfriend felt guilty when I answered a question she posed about this topic by saying I had never received flowers. And the second time for my birthday last year from someone who wanted to be nice.

I used to work at a company called Syndeo Systems, which has since closed. Once a month, I would walk up to Pike Place Market from our office in Pioneer Square and buy every woman in the office flowers (even the pre-op transsexual, who wasn't legally a woman yet). They weren't delivered, and the only reason I could do it was that I could get flowers for everyone for $30.

But I keep hearing from women all the time that they've never received flowers, or that they rarely do. So obviously not every guy feels the same way I do. But am I really all that unusual?