March 24th, 2003


Geneva Convention forbids humiliating images of POWs

Two sets of people shoot at each other in the desert. One side wins and captures the other side. The winning side then shows the captured soldiers from the losing side on T.V. The irony of war is that the losers in battle would complain about the show on T.V. and not about the fact that they shot and killed other soldiers.


The band Erasure entertained me last night for approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. It's not that I got tired of listening to them after that long, it's that that how long their show was. Don't forget the time between sets either. That was disappointing, as was the extreme amount of lip-synching. I would have preferred there to be more live music.

That being said, this was Erasure. It's one of those bands I don't think about much normally. I don't remember them having so many popular songs, but when they play, I know 2/3 of them. They play catchy songs you can dance to. Vince Clarke didn't really do much; stayed at the keyboard and played the occasional chord and sometimes picked up a guitar. Andy Bell got his gay on. He performed first in a black gown, and as the show went on slowly stripped. First removing the gown revealing a red leather corset (well, leather looking, I was quite some distance away). Then off came the hoop. Then the corset. And then the gloves, leaving him prancing around in leather underwear and boots. For the second set, Erasure came out wearing multi-colored athletic jackets and pants. Think Richard Simmons wearing techno-color barf. And they did sing all their hits. Some bands refuse to sing their hits, and you are stuck listening to the lame album that they just came out with that no one will buy. Those bands then get to sing their hits on the next tour at the Emerald Queen Casino cause they are all washed up.

Saw Janine (shake it baby!), Adam, Sunny and family (damn, that is one fine quartet), Chris and Michael, Leanne, Veronica, Jason, and a bunch of their friends including the girl who got the boob job whose name I can't remember at the moment. And of course, my lovely date Mr. Sloane.

It's hard to not be gay when presented with images like Andy Bell in drag. Last night was all about being gay. I even got a sloppy kiss good night from Michael.