March 14th, 2003


Blast from the Past

Developed eight (8) rolls of film. Two of them were in my desk drawer, and I had no idea when I took them or anything. Just picked them up. One of those two rolls was from my freshman year of college (1987). Way back when I was but a wee alcoholic, 17 years of age. Look at the hair. Look at the zit. Look at the red-striped athletic socks. I also remember I bought that blue shirt on a shopping spree that my mother granted me at The Bon in spring 87 when I was still in high school. The location is 216 Gault Hall. Gault was the oldest dorm still in use at the University of Idaho, and we loved it. Old and crickety, it was the only building that provided two (extremely small) rooms for each domicile. My cardinal sin is not the socks or the hair. No, it was holding two bottles of booze at age 17 with an open door. Dumb dumb dumb. I'm pretty sure I didn't get caught by the Resident Advisors that time. I only got caught twice, and neither time did they write me up. One of the R.A.'s at the time, Rod something, took bribes every Friday so he wouldn't catch anyone. He'd come around about 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. collecting donations for the rugby club. I think we paid for all of the rugby club's trips that year. He also on occasion would pound on our door late Friday or Saturday night and yell at us, I know you have booze in there! Open up and let me have some!

Boozing, fall 1987 Boozing again, fall 1987