March 2nd, 2003


Random notes from tonight

I mooned someone tonight. She seemed appreciative.

I got groped. This is not unusual when wearing the kilt. It's part of the charm of wearing the thing. However, usually when women want to kilt-check me, they tend to grab my ass. Occasionally someone will run their hand up the side of my leg. Tonight Cyanne kept on flipping up the kilt to see. Which is a no-no. I don't mind someone seeing, but no flashing the club like that. So instead she groped the package. Bad as well. Right now only I have the package privilege. Well, that's not completely true. But the one person who has the package privilege has not availed herself of it and it isn't Cyanne.

I'm enjoying the not playing pool thing. Danced a bunch more and socialized a bunch more.

I managed to stay out later than I have recently. However, I still pretty much crashed around 2. I'm yawning like a hippopotamus right now.

There were other things I wanted to note, but I forgot them.


1:30 in the morning

Well, it wasn't 1:30 in the morning that I woke up. 1:30 p.m. Afternoon. And I would have slept longer if my mother hadn't called. First time in a month I just slept such a long time. Most of this month I've been getting 6 hours of sleep, and occasionally less. I feel good, but I'm still tired.

I vaguely remember the cat jumping on my stomach multiple times this morning. That's her routine. Jump on Phil to let him know that it's time to feed. Then when I don't stir, settle in and sleep. Only this morning I reflexively turned over dumping her unceremoniously on the floor every time. I think I did this around 4 times.