February 10th, 2003


Can't sleep

I can't sleep. So my dear readers, you will be treated to what I did today. Laying on the couch, where I've been sleeping the last week or so, the thought occurs to me that i don't really write much about my day to day activities, desires, and troubles. For someone who believes that the important things are the day to day living things, that's a pretty large whole in my journal. So I think maybe I'll write more about them. Then again, perhaps this fancy will pass overnight.

Last night I got to sleep around 4:30 or 5 a.m. I left the Mercury shortly after 1 a.m., but for some reason I didn't go to sleep right away. Oh right, I remember. I decided to check my email, the crack bored, and live journal. One of the things I checked was Join Live Chat! on the crack bored. As happens occasionally, Genevieve was lurking there. She seems to be there late/early on weekends every 3 or 4 weeks now. So I stayed up for several hours chatting with her. She seems to be a great conversationalist. I've had the late night chat with her 2 or 3 times now, and I've had the pleasure of chatting with her one to one 2 or 3 times since I met her. I very much enjoy talking with her. I have no idea if she's single at the moment, but the thought always occurs to me to ask out girls if they are good at conversation. Conversation is very important to me.

Today, I goofed off after waking up around 9 a.m. For the life of me, I cannot account for my time between that hour and 1 a.m. I know I spent some time on the crack bored. I read Reversible Error some. What else, I can't recall.

In the afternoon, jakerain and I had Losers' Lunch at Mae's Cafe on Phinney. For those who don't know, Losers Lunch is a tradition started by mrsloane and myself about a year or so ago. Sometimes stryper666 attends (he is the most frequent attendee besides Sloane and myself). Sometimes Mr. Furio of Static Engine fame attends. Couple other people have attended on occasion as well. It's a guy thing. We hang out and brag and give each other bad advice on women. That's why women aren't allowed. Except Jason broke the rules once, and evillinn came. She's pretty, but sadly she improved the quality of the advice markedly. Sloane used to call her every week to see if she would go, simply because she always refused. Back in those days, Deirdre didn't know what to think of us. Now she knows, and it's all bad.

So we had Losers' Lunch. Not to much women advice this time, although turtlegrrl13, I'm going to claim credit for everything good Mr. Rain does this coming week.

Then I came back here and farted around some more. Read more. Tidied one or two items. Wasted even more time on the crack bored.

The one accomplishment of the evening is that I signed up for NetFlix. While talking with Nathan, the topic of the lack of video rental places near my condo came up. So I finally decided to try out NetFlix. So I now have a 22 DVD movie queue, and 530 movies that I've seen rated. So far, I can't say the rating has improved the recommendations that NetFlix makes. In most of the genres, it only recommends one or two movies that it thinks I might like. Especially in foreign and independent movies. THose are the kinds of movies I like the most. Granted, I don't see as many as I would like, and the vast majority of those ratings were for crappy blockbusters. But still, 20 or so ratings in the foreign genre should get me more than a recommendation for Amelie which I plan to avoid.

Hmm, gonna take the pile of unhung clean clothes off my bed and attempt to sleep there. Maybe I'll have an easier time nodding off in my bed.


Live Journal and email

Live Journal and email sometimes are a really shitty way of communicating. Suckily (a word I am now making up if it doesn't already exist) I am not really able to use the phone for a conversation that seems necessary. Hate being at work. Hopefully, there will be time tonight to talk.

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I got little sleep last night, as might be surmised from my early morning entry. I woke up at 6 o'clock. I took a few hours to get out of the flat. I do not move quickly in the morning. I get distracted easily, reading the paper, or something online. And then the next thing I know it's 8:30 a.m.

At 3rd and University Lyndon LaRouche's supporters were out in force. Relatively speaking. 7 or 8 of them. I still am totally blown away tht he gets any support at all. I don't understand his draw. I can understand the quixotic campaigns of Alan Keyes, Ralph Nader, or Pat Buchanan. Even John Hagelin of the Reform & Natural Law parties. But LaRouche? The man is a nut-case.

When I got in at work today, I did the first thing I always do. I check my email. Not my work email, my personal email. And then live journal. And then the crack bored. Was immediately apparent I had caused some distress to someone I love. Spent the morning trying to repair that. Well, mostly worrying about it. And some writing of emails. It's hard to deal with. Neither of us has a road map. I think we cleared the air some. But there's still more. Course, I think there will be more to deal with for a while. Not necessarily as fall out from this, but just because we (mostly me) are bumbling around blind.

I got very little work done. Approved a change from someone who works for me. Copied some stuff he did cause it was better than the re-structuring I did. Tried everything out. Mostly works, except I broke the base code. So now I have to track that down, and hopefully not break the specialized code that is my real goal.

Enough for now. Gonna read my book(s) for a while, maybe eat something, and hope.