November 28th, 2002


Pumpkin Pie & Mashed Potatoes

My contributions to Deirdre's Thanksgiving: mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. My first attempt at pumpkin pie. I have made mashed taters before, they aren't that difficult. Although I found another recipe that adds in a few new flavors to this one. The pumpkin pie is my first attempt. It's made with a ginger snap crust. As in, take a bag of ginger snaps and crush them finely, add melted butter & sugar, and viola, you have crust. We shall see. Thank god for a food processor, as crushing the ginger snaps finely turned out to be a pain. Anyway, if these turn out to be a hit I shall enter in the recipes for the two. (That's really a shorthand way of saying, I'm too lazy right now to type them in, so screw all of you. You have to wait.)

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