November 26th, 2002


Story time: why I have my bed

Few years ago a friend of mine that I had once asked out was over at my place. (The asking out and subsequent non-date is a whole nother story.) My place was clean, but I had a twin bed -- a relic of when we packed 4 people into a two bedroom duplex so we each would only pay about $150/month in rent. She took one look at it and told me, "Phil honey, no self-respecting woman is ever going to get in that bed!" That's when I got my current double bed.

sporty handling

From: fn-list
Subject: words of wisdom

I spent part of the evening with an ex.

I told him about a guy I semi-dated 6 months ago, who is 100% perfect on, artistic, beautiful, educated, multi-lingual, and very into me.

And very boring.

Says the depressed, alcoholic, very tattooed, motorcycle-racing ex:
It's difficult to achieve both good gas mileage and sporty handling.