November 21st, 2002


Stupid crack bored live chat

Sucks up my time. I think, I'll just open that up for a few minutes. Two and a half hours later, I've wasted my time, when I could have been socializing with people, talking to a girl, cleaning my house, or reading. Or I could have been doing a whole host of more enjoyable, productive things.

No more. I do other things first. That is my last thing on my list from now on. Call me on it, please, if you consider me a friend. Call my B.S. if I am using that stupid stupid feature.

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Christmas party plans

My company Christmas party is December 7th. I detest company Christmas parties. Booorrrrriiiinnnnnngggggg!

Our company culture is strictly Gap. Khaki rules the day in the office. I mean RULES the day.

So, you guessed it, I'm gonna liven this party up. On goes the kilt, boots, and spiked collar. But I don't think that's far enough. Gonna even do the black make-up, eye-liner and lipstick. Thinking about dyeing my hair even. That one is kind of iffy.

Oh, and for those of you who really wanted to see me in a kilt, I will be going to the Mercury afterwards.

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