November 20th, 2002


Street preacher

There's a street preacher I frequently see in the morning at 2nd and Union. Occasionally I will see him at other locations downtown as well. He's short, black, got a thick beard, a penchant for hats with ear flaps, and he speaks with a foreign accent. He's offered me tracts a few times. I turn him down. He walks on.

Today I saw him by Benaroya on 3rd as I was going home. He offered a tract to someone who turned him down and then followed him, yelling at him "I'll show you who's saved you mother fucker!" Was in his face for approximately 15 minutes. Shoving him. Pushing him. Knocking his tracts to the ground. Each time he would bend over pick them all up again and go on offering tracts to other people. Eventually, the cops showed up and my bus arrived. I don't know what happened then.

Pisses me off.