November 19th, 2002


Anonymity, popularity and musings about friends

Not A.A. style anonymity. Anonymous readers that is. I've heard of various people reading my journal who do not have Live Journal accounts. And I know several who do have accounts but who choose not to list me for some reason or the other but read my journal regularly. None of these people have told me directly that they do this. I know it because I hear it through other people, and the logs show people reading the journal not through their friends list. I have some suspicions who some of these people are. Since they haven't chosen to identify themselves, I am not going to identify who I suspect. If they wanted to identify themselves, they would have.

I have also had a number of people tell me they really like reading my journal and they look forward to seeing entries from me show up. These folks to identify themselves though.

Not sure why people want to read this thing. I don't lead a particularly interesting life. I do try to be as honest as I possibly can when I write, although I frequently hold back information because it is sensitive and might hurt others named. I've revealed a little too much once or twice and people were hurt. Not badly I don't think, and I do try to be careful. So you generally don't get me repeating gossip about others, unless it is public and you could hear about it anyway. A fight at the club which is visible to lots of people and might cause me to wax eloquent about fighting. Any good gossip my readers get is gonna be about me. Doesn't take too much to figure out who I like right now, for instance. But I definitely haven't revealed any good prurient information.

I do tend to mix it up a bunch though. You get serious stuff. You get some fluff (no quizzes though). You get the boring facts about my life. I throw in sometimes what I am thinking about life the universe and everything, and digress from the facts of my life into the opinion and analysis. And sometimes I digress from the opinion and analysis into the facts of my life. And sometimes stories about my past.

Maybe it's the qualities and not the content. That the entries are honest about my feelings. Or that I don't take myself too seriously. Or that the fluff itself is funny (is it?). Or that you get lots and lots of details. I dunno.

Of course, some people really aren't all that interested in my journal. Sharon just dropped me from her friends list. Not too surprising given that we've never hung out. Anyone else wants to drop me who doesn't have much of a connection with me, feel free. I don't mind. Jerry doesn't like wading through my sometimes long posts, especially when I have a series of them.

Anyway, this is not for folks to chime in with why they like my journal. Not really looking for validation. Nor am I asking the anonymous fans to identify themselves. Although feel free to do so, it would be cool to know who you are. I'll even throw an invitation code your way and add you to my various friends lists so you can read even more stuff if you want. I'm just kind of musing here.

Although if you hate my journal, please do leave a comment as to why. Maybe I'm just full of myself here and need to be taken down a peg.