November 16th, 2002


Throwing stuff out

I've been cleaning and re-arranging my apartment off and on for a few days. In the course of this, I have made a momentous decision. For a year and a half, I have been storing a few belongings that belong(ed) to April. Worthless things. A pie plate. A halter top with the strap broken. A sock. A tupperware. Originally, I kept them rather than throw them out simply because she could be a royal pain in the ass and would have asked for them the minute I tossed them.

Later on, it became something that I could throw in her face. Here you go, these are yours. See how much better I am than you are because you stiffed me out of $750 and I kept even the most worthless belongings that you left at my apartment, just in case you might want them back. Actually, it probably was that in the beginning too, but I never really thought about it too closely.

Anyway, I just threw that stuff away. No need to keep it around. I am now throwing away my chance to sneer at her and be better than her too. No need to keep it around.