November 12th, 2002


New code

This afternoon, I might actually attempt to write new code for the first time since August. Since then, I have been playing manager, or bug fixing. I like writing new code muchly.


The long awaited pie night

Okay, here it is. I am scheduling the next official Pie Night™. However in a change of pace it will not be on a weeknight this time. Mostly because for Pie Nights™ past, I have had to take off from work really early to get all the pies going. My work schedule will not really allow that this time, and it was a lot of stress doing it that way anyway. So really, this one is going to be Pie Afternoon, cause it's going to be on a weekend.

Who?You, if you RSVP! That's right, I am asking for RSVPs this time around. Bring friends if you like (give me a count in your RSVP). Don't be afraid to come just because you may not know me too well. We'll make sure you aren't left out.
What?Pie Night™
Where?My apartment: 2301 Fairview Ave E (Ring WEISS on the call board). Map
When?Sunday, December 8th, 3 p.m. Stay as long as you like, or head off to Movie Night™ at Raven's (should he be holding one that night), or stay later and go to fetish night at the Vogue. Or arrive later if you want. It's all casual.
Why?Because I like pie. And I like conversation.
How?I make a mess of pies. Enough for all who RSVP. I provide whip cream and ice cream. I provide some beverages. You are encouraged to bring your own. I provide paper plates and plastic forks. Feel free to bring your own pie-like dessert (let me know). Cake is not allowed! Dessert must be pie-like!

RSVP and mark your calendars.