October 19th, 2002


I shouldn't gripe about scheduling morons

I shouldn't gripe about this, but I will. I shouldn't gripe because I am horrible about getting times wrong and double booking myself or showing up at the wrong time or place.

That being said, scheduling is not my job. I don't have to be good at it for the most part.

The volunteer coordinator at the ACLU does have to be good at it and it is his job. He told him I could cover 4 to 6 on Saturday at Bookfest. I got a letter saying 4 to 6 on Sunday, but I didn't really look at it cause I assumed he had read my email to him stating Saturday. Apparently not.

I got to the booth, and someone else was there. They didn't need me. I got home and checked the letter and it had me down as 4 to 6 on Sunday. I have a flight out at 6. I will be at Bookfest tomorrow, but I have to leave sometime around 3 in order to make my flight. Of course, I have no way to contact him and tell him he needs to find a replacement, pronto. He doesn't check his email on weekends. Well, there's that and he quit to go work somewhere else scheduling people. His last day was Friday. I feel bad. But not that much.

I apologize to the folks who stopped by to see me there and I wasn't.