October 14th, 2002


What is happening to my car

I just got finished with a fairly lengthy conversation with a friend of mine in Boise, Idaho. For those of you who don't know, from June of 1998 until January of 1999 I lived in Boise. Janet was a regular at the young people's group I frequented during that time. She was one of those who didn't "go along to get along" with a lot of the insanity that was rampant at the group. Although she had her own insanity.

Anyway, she got married just about a year ago, moved to Mountain Home to live with her husband who is in the military. He wants a divorce now. She has no job, no car, and a son from a previous relationship that she has to feed. She should be able to get back into the swing of things with a job. Boise's job market isn't as bad as Seattle's, and she's not a tech worker. She is living with her mother for a while until she can get a regular income. But a car is another story. The husband cleaned out the accounts, and until she can get a lawyer and contest that in court she's got nothing from the marriage. So no money for a car.

Since my car is getting up there in years, I've been looking for something to do with it. So I'm going to give it to her. Plus, it'll give me room in my bedroom where the snow tires are stacked.

Now the only problem is getting it to her. I work weekdays. My weekends are booked through the end of November. She can't afford a plane ticket up here at the moment. My current plan is to drive down on the 27th, leave the car with her, and fly back that night or on the first flight the next morning. Officially, I work the 28th, but I may just take that day off as part of my week-long vacation to New Orleans that begins on the 29th.

Logistics is not my strong suit.



I am supposed to get a sonogram tomorrow morning at 9 a.m at the Polyclinic. I think. Can't find my appointment card. I suspect I left it on my desk at work, but I am not 100% certain. So first thing in the morning I have to call them and make sure it's the time and place I think it is.

I am not allowed to eat between now and then.

I am panicking a little bit about this. Mostly over the fact that I am could be totally wrong about the time or place. Second that this will find something bad. Third, that the procedure will creep me out. Fourth, that it will take long enough that I will miss lunch.


I need a goth name

Raven Mimura has a very gothy name, and it's his real name. But a lot of other people give themselves new names to be more dark and angst-ridden. So help me find a new name. This is nomination time. Nominate the names in this poll. I'll take all the gothy names and have a final round poll later. I'll use the winning name at goth events!

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