October 11th, 2002


Yet another dream

Walking along a gravel driveway by the farmhouse above my property (my real property doesn't share a driveway with anyone else, so this is a totally fictional dram place). Kind of poking around in an empty run down shed when my neighbor walks up and startles me. We chit chat, but I am feeling guilty for being on his property (dunno why...) so I shortly head down the driveway and pass his truck. I bump the truck, which didn't have its brake set, and it rolls down the hill, across the highway, through a fence (that part was very very vivid), and into a pond. I vaguely remember the pond from other dreams. It has some netting through a portion of it and one side of the netting is full of rotting leaves. As the truck was rolling I was afraid it was going to hit a car on the highway, but none seemed to be driving by at that moment.


Radiance of the Seas

I am the cruise group web developer lead at Expedia. But until today, I had never been on a cruise ship. The head of the group arranged for us to have a tour of the ship and lunch aboard the Radiance of the Seas, one of Royal Caribbean's ships.

The ship is huge. Thirteen (13) decks. 962 feet long (three football fields). 90,090 tons. That's right! 90,090 tons! To bring that to scale, if the average weight of a person is 175 lbs., that is the equivalent of the weight of over 1 million people. And it floats! In only 25 feet of water too. Well, it's keel is only into 25 feet of water. In order ot actually move it would need to be deeper.

The food was good, but tasted a little pre-prepared to me. Kind of like airplane food. Everything exactly the same portion size, etc. Five courses.

Overall, the ship was nice, but I'm still not sure I ever want to take a cruise on one. Lots of places to lounge around, but it has the feel that Las Vegas casinos do. All very artificial. I like to get out and explore and pick my own way around.