October 7th, 2002


King Rat: biker gang member

For once, I remember most of my dream from last night. Somehow I was press-ganged into an outlaw biker gang led by my cousin Bill Bender Jr. This happens in the Leavenworth or Wenatchee area for some reason. After much riding around, a fellow press-ganger and I decide that the time is right for us to split from the gang. The guy who got forced into membership with me is Preston, a co-worker of mine. We wanted to get out for a long time but were afraid they would come after us. The place we pick to bail is on the Seattle waterfront, although where the beach comes from I don't know. Dreams don't have to make sense you know. So we ride out bikes onto the beach except they get bogged down in the sand. So we are trying to get our motorcycles unbogged down but we know the that the gang is looking for us above us on the docks. We are under time pressure to get off the beach before they get to the end of the right dock and see us. Except Preston is kind of clueless and is noisy and attracts attention and I am trying to get him to shut up and just push the bike. Then we see Bill Jr on the dock. Luckily he doesn't see us yet. He is walking parallel to us and hasn't looked out toward the water yet. He is looking through doors of warehouses on the dock.

Then I wake up. I don't know how it all ended up.



I attempted to post another poll on the crack bored that would get no votes whatsoever. I figured there would be one or two. But not only did it get 8 votes so far, I actually got a response! I thought I had a sure fire winner this time, as it is a cryptic problem from work that few people at work would even understand.

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Devil's Advocate

One of my faults. One of my big ones. I tend not to take sides in argument. I like to look for the middle ground. But it goes beyond that. Some people have the innate ability find the one thing that would be bad to say upon meeting someone. Other people always seem to decide to do or say something that will really piss people off. Mine is an argumentative side. If you take either side in an argument, I'll pick on you. I don't exactly know why.

I don't think this is an entirely bad thing. During the mod fights on the crack bored a few weeks ago, I truly thought both sides were being childish. In the arguments over the Israel/Palestine conflict that go on in the Politics forum, both sides act like nitwits. Both sides stake out extreme positions based on shaky facts.

In other cases, it gets me in trouble. I chaired a C&T committee in North Idaho for a while. Mostly I ended up pissing everyone off.

Anyway, I've been called on it a couple of times in the last few weeks. Means I probably am doing it more often lately. Means I should probably start paying more attention to that tendency. I'm pretty shitty at recognizing it right away. So it means that I'll probably be making more apologies. I hate making apologies. They are very embarrassing.