September 19th, 2002



<peeve> My peeve for the day (well, maybe just the peeve for the morning) is people who ride the bus but down know how much it fucking costs. Do you people not read the brochures? Do you not ask ahead of time? Why do you wait until you have to get off the bus to hold up everyone else to work this stuff out with the driver (who announced the prices over the PA at the last free ride stop)? Is it necessary to be the first person to the front to do this so that a whole bus-load of people waits behind you? Well, except for the cute girl who was smart enough to squeeze in front of you and go on her merry way? Did you not think I might want to walk with her and chat like I did yesterday? Of course you didn't, because you are morons! </peeve>


Frickin frackin

I guess today is "Unnamed forces shall irritate Phil Day." Now my ISP seems to be queueing inbound email so that it gets put into my box after a delay. I am temporarily redirecting and to an alternate location. If you've send mail to my account within the last few hours, you may want to resend to my work email address or one of the above two addresses. Who knows how long my other inbox will remain enqueued?


First set of answers

Apparently not very many people view me as an oracle. At least not yet. After reading the following bits of wisdom, perhaps people will realize how indispensable I am. Keep the questions coming. Make me feel happy.

Scruples, with pretty much everything else tied for second place.
Who put the shackles on you? Find that person; she has the key.
You'll grow them too when you have kids.
None of my tapes have that label on them. They have another label.

The Four Feathers

[Four Feather marquee]Tuesday night, I saw The Four Feathers at the Oak Tree. This was the preview. ladylygeia picked up preview passes and issued an invitation. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It's a pretty good story. THe main character, Harry Faversham (Heath Ledger), resigns from the British Army just as his unit is about to go to the Sudan to fight the enemy Mahdi which has massacred a large contingent of the Queen's men.

Of course, Faversham's army buddies don't like this turncoat action too much, and neither does his fiance. They shun him and call him a coward. Just after they ship out, he has a change of heart and decides to follow them to the Sudan to redeem himself.

While watching the movie, I was able to put aside a lot of problems and just enjoy the scenery, the costuming, and the pretty people. However, after we exited the theater the problems became more and more apparent. A couple of things I found pretty hard to follow even during the movie. The climactic battle left me confused as to what actually happened, especially near the end. Some of Harry's choices just seemed odd, and they left a lot out with regard to explaining the characters' motivation. For instance, why does Harry have a change of heart? And why does the African warrior befriend him and help him along?

balzacq liked the 1977 version better. There are also versions done in 1915, 1921, 1928 and 1939. Six actual verions! I'll have to check out at least one or two of them.

The other odd coincidence regarding this is that the novel on which the movie was based was written by A.E.W. Mason. The current book I am reading is The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. The chapter I read read yesterday contains a reference to a character reading an A.E.W. Mason novel.