September 18th, 2002


News & Notes

  • My boots felt specially comfortable and squishy like yesterday. I have shoe issues, as in almost all shoes (including sandals) make my feet hurt. Hate going barefoot though. But yesterday, all was well in the foot world.
  • Do you ever get the urge when you see one of your friends hitting on a cute girl to lean out the car window and yell as loud as you can, "Go for it dude!" Just to make sure everyone knows what they are up to? I got that urge. You know who you are, so I won't increase the embarrassment. I almost did that. Appreciate that I didn't.
  • So I pretty much tell Jason everything. Including when I am interested in a girl. Jason is the kind of guy who then when he sees that girl around makes a point to come up to me and says "Dude! She's here! She's over by the bar. You wanna talk to her? Just in case you want to talk to her, she's over there!" Which is a pretty cool thing for a friend to do.

I should go to work now.


Proposition jitters

Although I am a lot less shy than I used to be, I still get jitters whenever I am about to ask someone out. Really bad jitters sometimes. In fact usually. Couple of months ago I was gonna ask a girl out who was getting off work around a certain time, and so I was waiting for her to get off work to call her. So for the last half hour or so before hand I used this journal as a running record of what was going through my head. Jitters. They weren't particularly bad as my jitters go. I told evillinn about the entry before she had a chance to read it. Later, after she read it, she commented that if she had read that before she talked to me she would have been calling me to make sure I was okay.

So I have a girl I want to ask out, but I am getting serious jitters over it. No worries. I'll actually ask her out. But I wonder what steps other people take to get past the jitters. One of the things I learned in AA was to ask people who have done something before how they did it. And this is something I've never asked about, although it comes up again and again.

So I wonder how to get past them. And I wonder what I have to do so that I stop getting them or so they aren't so ... hmmm, I guess so they don't scare me so much.


Preposition Jitters

I always fight with myself over prepositions. Which ones should I use to indicate time and place? I don't want to repeat my prepositions. The party will be held at my house at 7:30 p.m. I also want to use more exciting prepositions than I normally do. I never remember to use around and near when I should. Instead I use in. I probably look like a moron to the preposition whores. My prepositions always come off like I am new to the English language, rather than the erudite man of letters that I am.


I hate quizzes

Yep, I hate quizzes, but I kind of like the "secret question" poll meme. Although it isn't really all that secret, cuz I'll know who asks what. No, it's only secret to you, the readers. Now, I can't guarantee my answers will be as funny and witty as c_dawg, but I guarantee that I will answer every question. I'll even tell the truth. Any question.

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Axe me a question.