September 15th, 2002


Not so lazy Sunday morning

Usually, Sundays are spent laying on the couch watching golf and reading the New York Times. This morning, I drove over to Magnolia to help wingedelf and inanna unload all their crap into their new abode.

Everything went pretty smoothly. But for those of you who are considering moving soon, the lesson of the day is put on some real shoes, preferably boots. Birks make for bad moving footwear. I'm glad I wore my boots.


Tower Records

On the drive back from Magnolia, I felt the need to shop. Lo and behold, right as I felt this desire come over me, appeared a Tower Records store.

So my new items are:

  • Akira Kurosawa's Ran
  • My Blue Heaven
  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Crap! I thought I grabbed the original Mad Max. Duh! That one is The Road Warrior. Well, I guess I can return it.
  • Deliverance
  • Paint Your Wagon I wanna eventually get a complete collection of Clint Eastwood movies.
  • Natalie Merchant Tiger Lily
  • John Coltrane Timeless
  • Morphine The Night
  • Morphine Bootleg Detroit
  • Morphine Good
  • The Beautiful South Quench
  • The Beautiful South Painting It Red

I already have 3 Morphine CDs, and 5 Beautiful South CDs. I think this gets me caught up on the Beautiful South except for their greatest hits CD, Solid Bronze. I looked for the Guano Apes CD Don't Give me Names, but I still haven't found any place that sells anything but Proud Like a God. Anyone know a good import store in Seattle? I don't want to order this online. I hate ordering stuff online.

Oh, and while I'm griping, I really wish Live Journal would add "online" to its spell-check dictionary. I'm getting tired of it telling me to change the spelling on that word.


McCray Press is Bad

Just in case you ever have the chance to do any business with a company called McCray Press, based in Saginaw Michigan, don't! I will personally no longer call you a friend if you give these people any money whatsoever. After Matt died Christmas morning last year, I received a mailing from McCray Press in Michigan. Basically, what they did was troll the newspapers for obituaries, search for addresses for any relatives listed in the text, and then mail them a laminated poorly reproduced copy of of the obituary. Included with this mailing was an entreaty to purchase more laminated copies. At the top of the order form, they included a checkbox for "I am keeping the Laminated Memorial Newsclipping and I am enclosing $3.00 for it."

Due to the fact that we had to delay the funeral for the holidays and hold a second memorial service in Matt's new home of Sacramento, I even got this before the funeral was held. I took the postage paid business reply envelope they sent with the promotion and stuffed it full of the heaviest crap I could find so they would have to pay extra for it. Returned that with no order.

I suspect they have no other business other than this crappy one. The order form calls the business McCray Press Plastic Laminators. So it's probable they won't ever be bidding on any real printing services. But if they do, and you have anything to do with sending them money, don't tell me. Cause if I find out, I will never speak to you again.

So now I am pulling this from my pile of papers and putting it into the recycling basket. Hopefully, I will never come upon anything to do with them again and I can forget about them.

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