September 6th, 2002



So now I am thinking about the whole idea of little white lies. Telling small things about yourself to make yourself look marginally better, to get out of unpleasant situations, and sometimes just to fill in conversations. I do it sometimes. Not often, and I disappoint myself when I catch myself at it. These aren't unconscious acts, but they are performed without thought.

The other night, I caught Jessica making something up. Something real minor, and not about herself. It didn't really improve the story. All it did was fill in a little bit of time. And by the time she said it, I am sure she had convinced herself that someone had told her this.

What she said was, in the context of a conversation on Las Vegas weddings, was that they got rid of annulments last year. This isn't the case. Annulments are now a church thing. At one point, they might have had legal significance as well, indicating that the marriage never actually took place (for instance, because the marriage was never consummated). Anyway, I've told her before that it's been years since there's been any legal significance to annulments, and they were never as easy to get as a Las Vegas wedding is.

Doesn't make her a bad person. Cause I think almost all of us do this sort of thing. I caught myself doing it last weekend (and even made a super-private post about it).

<navel gazing>So I wonder if we can train ourselves to not do this? What is our motivation? Because I've caught myself doing this when it would make absolutely no difference at all. Is it ethical to use such filler if no one cares at all?</navel gazing>


Personal hygeine

So Wednesday morning I left the apartment, went up to the bus stop, read my book on the conflict that led to the Salem witch trials, and drank a vanilla creme soda while waiting for the bus. I finished the soda, tossed it, and then climbed on the bus. While I was boarding, I realized something... I had forgotten to brush my teeth that morning.

Oops. Not healthy, and not likely to encourage anyone to want to talk with me either. (Note to self: perhaps use this tactic when wanting to become hermit.) Suck. What to do?

So now, dear readers, what do you do when you catch yourself in a grooming faux pas?

I hopped off the bus downtown and wandered over the Rite-Aid on Pike & 4th. For such a small store, the toothpaste and toothbrush section was awfully hard to find. Unlike a grocery store, it was no where near the bathroom section. Well, okay, on a solar scale, it was pretty close. But I must have walked up and down every aisle on the other side of the store. Finally, I asked a store clerk where I could find toothpaste and he pointed me out to the far side of the establishment.

So now I could brush my teeth at work. I used to keep toothbrush and toothpaste at work for after lunch brushes, but I have fallen out of the habit. Now I have an explicit reason other than lunchy food bits in my teeth. It can save my butt, and my co-workers, from morning breath!


Warning: horny male

For some reason, I am randier than usual today. Think of girl and schwing! Literally.

Just thought I would warn you, so you have the option of staying the hell away from me and my flirting tonight.

Well, except I am supposed to have dinner with my parents this evening, so my mood may be much more sedate by the time I hit the clubs. Nothing like the parents to get you outta that mood!


Dinner with parents

I was right. Dinner with parents ruined my randy mood. khiril, you should get your parents together with my parents and let them bore each other to death. I know all about a pool game my step father played in 960-something and won. I know all about a second step-cousin who built a shed but put the roof on before the siding so now they have to cut some notches or something in order to get the siding on. I know all about my mom's Mexican Domino club.

I don't tell her about most of what I do, because tame as it may seem to most of the people in the crack bored and Mercury crowd, it would be highly shocking to her.

We just don't have a lot in common.