August 30th, 2002


Household habit

I have a confession to make. I tend to let my laundry go. I can dress for 3 or 4 weeks before I absolutely need to do laundry. I have a large walk in closet which houses my pile of laundry, so it's not visible to the casual visitor. However, when I do my laundry, I don't exactly fold or hang my clothes usually. Pretty much my clean clothes stay in the laundry baskets, and I pick clothes out of those. It's why I look so wrinkly (and you thought it was because I am getting more elderly!) usually.

Anyway, my clothes are all hung in the closet or folded in the dresser at the moment. I just wanted to mention all this because it's so nice much more convenient this way.



The Red Door in Fremont is a place where Cool Kids and beautiful people hang out.

Don't be alarmed when the lady at the McDonald's drive through asks "Hot or mild?" when you are getting your breakfast.



So they moved the intern out of my office and moved in a DB dev in his place. He turned the lights on. This will be a problem.



I don't know who is running for office from my district right now. I must rectify this before the primary so that I have actual information upon which to base my vote.



A model poll and discussion on the crack bored.

I'll fess up. I'm one of the people who occasionally makes derisive comments about "models" in general.

First off, if derisive comments about what you do in general bother you, then I'll tell you the same thing that was just told to those who don't like model photos: "Don't read them." Get a thicker skin. Get over it. Ignore them. Are these people whose opinions you respect? If so, maybe they have a point that you should listen to. If not, who cares what they think? In any case, the world does not revolve around your self-esteem.

As a geek, I have learned to deal with all sorts of derisive comments over the years. I used to take them pretty personally. You know what though? I enjoy what I do, so fuck em. Let em make whatever comments they want. What I do is not for everyone, nor will everyone understand that. Gamers have learned to deal with it. You would think goths in general would learn to not be bothered with comments from outside their community that they are ugly, depressed, and obsessed.

So now I'll make my generic comments about "models." I respect a great deal those who are trying for something truly artistic. And those who are trying to make a living or at least add to their bank account. And those who want to have something of themselves that shows themselves off in a good light.

What I find amusing is the constant "look at me" aspect of it. And the incestuous nature of it, where it's the same people getting the same photographs done by the same photographers in the same style. It very much like a mutual appreciation society. It's not the photos themselves, which are often very nice looking (if a bit repetitive), but more the mindset. Then taking that humdrum thing and saying "look at me!" It feels like they attach way more importance and cachet to these photos than they actually merit.

It's very much the same attitude I have toward people who spend much time and effort dressing "different" just to hang out with similar people. YOU AREN'T DIFFERENT ANYMORE!

I would love to see more photos though. Make C-ko seem as intriguing in a photo as I see her in person. Bring out the real intensity of Raven. Yes, I know the squeaky wheel gets the photos. And the gothy bloody photos get a lot of rave reviews so lots of people like to do them. I know it's not your responsibility to appeal to my desires. By the same token, I don't have to like all the stuff I see and I certainly am not going to refrain from making my views known on occasion. Just as you don't have to like my comments or opinions and should feel free to rebut them, make fun of them, make fun of me as repressed, or whatever.

If I didn't make my thoughts known, I would be guilty of a form of self-censoring political correctness. I won't ask you to stop making a stink about my opinions though. Cause that would be just as self-censoring. Make whatever stink you want.


The state of human nature

I refuse to bemoan the state of the world's affairs, in most forms. Many things I can and will do to improve it. But I certainly don't get my knickers in a twist over most of it. Just refuse to be sucked back into an angry or depressed mindset.