August 29th, 2002


MSN Messenger

If you use MSN Messenger, feel free to add me. I didn't list my messenger email address on my Live Journal profile cause I don't want spam via instant messenger or to my work email address. Anyway, the email address to plug in to it is "" I don't use Yahoo messenger or ICQ anymore, and I've never used AOL Instant Messenger or Jabber.


My mood

I have regressed to my early 20s. Today I am feeling extremely hermit like. I want everyone to just leave me the fuck alone. And I want to hang out with friends. And curl up in a ball on the couch. And be held by someone who tells me everything is gonna be okay. And I wanna mess with people. Mind you, this is not in quick succession. This is all at the same time. I definitely need a massage. I should have gone straight home after dinner last night. Instead, I waited for the bus for a bit, then remembered Deirdre would be hsowing off cookies so I walked back to the Aurifice to see her cookies in the form of Star Wars characters and objects. Then Jason talked me into going to the Mercury instead. For just a bit. But then he started flirting and dancing with Amy so we stayed longer. So eventually Lance just drove me home. It was late, so I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted and I didn't make any progress on chores. I am definitely feeling the effect in my mood today. Sometimes I just suck at saying "no." Work is going slowly, so I probably won't be able to help Scott move. And later tonight I am supposed to make an appearance at Jessica's graduation party. Not looking forward to that really. I might bite someone's head off. Or just take em home. Or something.