August 23rd, 2002


I love my life

So someone posted a poll on the crack bored recently about how we feel about various things in our lives recently. From our health to our size to our self-satisfaction. I love my life. I love how it is right now. It's been consistently getting better (or I have). And I can't wait to see where I go with it. In fact, I can't name one thing about my life now that bothers me. Lots of things I can improve on, but that's just growing.


I love my life!

I have to say it again. I fucking love my life. Can you tell I am in a good mood? Hell yes!

  • My pie night was great!
  • I have a fucking awesome friend in Jason.
  • I got asked out yesterday by someone who I thought had written me off as annoying, but who I always thought was smart and attractive. Dammit, I thought it was weird that two other women had shown themselves to be possibilities lately.
  • I love my job. They treat me very well. They treat most employees very well.
  • People want to come over to my place again.
  • People like my plans to go to my grandparents cabin and just do nothing.
  • I have a fat bottle of ginger brew in my fridge at home thanks to Deirdre.
  • I stopped drinking caffeine again after drinking way too much of it the week+ after Vegas.
  • It's a beautiful day outside.
  • I am having dinner with C-ko.
  • I will be going to the Mercury tonight.
  • Today is payday.

Could life be any better than this?