August 13th, 2002


Dating ethics

So I have a crush on a girl. This is a common occurrence. I pretty much get a crush on every reasonably attractive girl I meet. At least for a little bit. I generally tend not to do anything about these crushes because I know that my perceptions are off during this phase. I will miss the "little" things (that aren't really that little) about a person in my haste to fall in love.

But with some women I pass through this phase and am still attracted. So I should do something about it right? Well, in my case I probably won't becausde I am also a chicken-shit. But that's not the point of this entry. In some cases, I will ask the woman out or make a pass of some kind.

So here's the situation. I have a crush on a couple of women currently. At least one of them has returned attention, although I have no idea if her intentions are as dishonorable as I hope. She could be just looking for a friend. On the other side of the prism, another girl has expressed interest in me. She has invited me back to her place a few times. I haven't taken her up on this though because I don't want to end up romantically linked before I am ready. I like her a lot, but I do not really have a crush on her. I would go out on a date or two with her at least. In fact, we've done a few things platonically.

So when do I have to pick? Do I have to pick? I am not one of those kind of people who can be in "poly" relationships. Cause even if we aren't an official item, once I've progressed to kissing a girl in anything more than a drunken or party-like atmosphere, I feel guilty if I am looking elsewhere. Like I should give this one a chance without interference. And I don't want to keep a girl around as a "backup plan" so to speak.

Anyway, not really sure where this is going. Just musing.


Senator Patty Murray

So we had a Q&A session with Senator Patty Murray today. Not sure exactly why she was here today, except that I know that my employer is doing some major lobbying of Congress and the Feds about Orbitz and the fact that it is owned by the major airlines, and could thus have some serious anti-competitive behavior.

My general impression is that she is a pretty smart and well-prepared person. Having met Idaho's Dirk Kempthorne and a couple other people who were Senators, Representatives and governors, my general impression has been that they were not particularly bright and when they were they were still mostly being "handled." Not so with Senator Murray. She could be just so extremely well "handled" that I was fooled though. She spoke & answered questions without notes and was only without information on something once.

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There may have been one or two more questions. I forget now. All in all I came away impressed with her, even though I disagree with her regarding the need to mandate some accounting changes through legislation at least with broad strokes. Smart, knowledgeable and well-prepared.


Ginger Brew, Part Deux

Sorry about the title, I had to do it. Picked up five new brands of ginger brew/ale today. Watch this space for reviews of them as I drink. For reference, follow this link to my original reviews of ginger ales. Oh, and for some reason, the people who also had "ginger brew" as an interest have removed it. So now I am the only person on LiveJournal with an interest in ginger brew. I feel so alone. And so snobbish too.

On to the brews: