August 12th, 2002


Planning another do nothing weekend

After the success of mine and Jason's do nothing weekend in July, I am planning on having another one at my grandparents' cabin near Plain (and Leavenworth). Basically, we went out to the woods and hung out and drank and told each other tall tales. This time, there may actually be fire and/or floating the river. Depends on the water levels and fire hazards. So the question is, are you interested?

Poll #53062 Do nothing weekend

Which weekend would you most likely be able to go?

Fri eve, Aug 23 thru Sun, Aug 25 (the weekend after next)
Sat, Aug 24 thru Sun, Aug 25 (short weekend)
Fri eve, Sept 6 thru Sun, Sept 8 (weekend after Labor Day)
Sat, Sept 7 thru Sun, Sept 8
Can't go either weekend.

My vote also counts for person named below who doesn't have a LJ

I want to come on the date above and will be bringing the person named below


Hot Six by Janet Evanovich

Just finished my trash novel of the moment, Janet Evanovich's Hot Six. Good points: Stephanie Plum now actually does a few things right on occasion. She doesn't know what she is doing, but she doesn't do the most stupid thing she could in every instance. Still too much of the plot explained in exposition at the end of the story. But decent fluff.



Since yesterday, I have been wondering what makes hair curly and kinky. For instance, why is the hair on my head straight, but the hair on my chin is almost pubic in how kinky it is.