July 24th, 2002


Stock options

Well, this is good news. Amazon.com announced yesterday that it would start to treat stock options granted to executives and employees as an expense. A number of companies, most notably Coca-Cola and The Washington Post Group, have announced that they will be taking this step. Warren Buffett is a major proponent of this measure and he owns large stakes in Coca-Cola and the Washington Post. But up until now, no major tech company has done this. Since tech companies rely on stock options to compensate employees to a much greater extent than traditional companies, they have argued the most vehemently against expensing stock options. Hopefully, other tech companies, including Expedia, will take this step as well.

I don't think it will take care of any of the accounting problems currently plaguing Wall Street, but it will make financial statements a bit more reflective of the underlying health of the companies that make them.


Best insult I've heard in a while

Some person who seems pretty incoherent but obviously isn't a complete imbecile has been posting to the "Sex" forum on the crack bored. I've noted that she pretty much only posts to various sex forums on a bunch of different ezboards. In any case, Emptied related the following after attempting to read one of her posts:

Seriously, you may want to work at having some sort of coherence. Your posts read a bit like an ADHD squirrel with a gram of meth and a bottle rocket up its ass frantically trying to mate with a typewriter.


Woo hoo

I almost didn't go to Goth Coffee tonight. I don't really enjoy it most of the time. But I got hit on tonight. By someone who was already on my radar screen! I just know I'll get hit by a bus tomorrow now though.