July 18th, 2002



I frequently get a crush on most girls I meet, if they are in any way attractive and fun to talk to. However, 99% of the time, my policy is not to date a girl or even ask her out while I still have this initial crush on her. 1% of the time I violate this rule and I paid for it every time. Cause I can't really see someone's faults then and I don't want to end up getting sucked into a sick relationship. So I generally wait until the giddy feeling has passed, and if I am still interested and everything else is kosher, only then will I make a move.


Space mountain

Every time I go to use the urinal in the men's restroom, for some reason the corner of the ceiling at the edge of the fluorescent light catches my eye. I zone out on it while I am relieving myself. EVERY FREAKING TIME THIS HAPPENS! I can walk in there and tell myself, "I will not zone out on that spot." Yet, I will. Someone can be standing there, and I will do this. What is it about this one spot on the ceiling that has such a hypnotic effect on me?


Keep me away from the bookstore

So I go into Borders so I can pick up a copy of "The Scar" by one of my favorite authors, China Mieville.

I walk out with "The Scar" along with 5 other books. Plus, I still had in my backpack a cheezy legal thriller I bought this weekend, and my current book "Straight Man." Should be finished with that in a day or two. I'll write my review then.