July 17th, 2002


I'm awake now, stop the water

So I am dragged out of my sleep at 1:15 this morning by a noise my body unconcsiously reocgnizes as "not good." It takes me a moment or two to realize what it is that has woken me up. I hear water dripping. I vaguely think back. Oh, that's right, my upstairs neighbor must have forgotten that she can't take a bath because when the water is released when she pulls the plug, it all goes into my bathroom.

I must contact the landlord in the morning.


What a handsome devil

I really like the way my goatee looks today. Shaved the rest of my face. So the goatee stands out even more. Usually, if I fail to shave for a few days, I start to hate the way my goatee looks. I start to get thoughts of hacking the thing off. I don't like that the sides of it grow faster than the middle. It feels uneven. But once the rest is shaved, it stands out and looks good I think. And the desire to cut it off fades until I again get too lazy to shave the rest of my face for a few days.

I don't really think the goatee makes me look distinguished, or older, or really all that better looking. But it's something different. Not that different, I know. A fair number of men have longish bushier goatees. But the percentage is still quite low. At work, I am the only guy who wears one like this.

More or less I've had the goatee for 3 or 4 years now. Started growing it because I don't like the shape of my chin. It's longer on one side. I know that imperfections like this are normal. And in fact, unless you look closely, most people can't tell. I also wish to have a more defined jawline. I love a strong jaw line (women with beautiful well defined jawlines make me sweat). While the beard doesn't really give me a better jawline, it extends my chin out and makes me feel like I do. Although I've seen profile pictures and I know that isn't really the case.

Twice I've attempted to grow a more substantial beard, but I've become dissatisfied with the look and shaved it off. Occasionally I shave off the goatee, because it starts to grow unevenly or something like that. Usually I keep it trimmed to ¼ to ½ inch. But since December, I've been growing the beard longer. Trimmed it down to ¼ once cause it was growing unevenly. But I like the look, and I fight the urge to cut it.


Update on April

I stopped at the King County Courthouse in Seattle today and filed a "Notice of Non-Payment" in that case I have against April. Basically, the form says that she hasn't paid up, and please would you transfer the case to the civil docket so that I can pursue collection through the courts. I could have done this on the first of July, but I was running around and didn't get around to it. Once the court gets the judgment transfered to the civil docket of the District Court, I can move to garnish her wages or bank account. I may be able to file a lien against property she owns, namely her car. Not sure about that. I already can pursue her through a collection agency, but they will just take a third of the money and all of the fun. I can also transfer the case to Superior Court and have some of her property siezed and auctioned off. That's the most difficult route. I have to check back with the District Court in about two weeks to see if all the paperwork has been taken care of and to obtain a civil docket case number. Once that's been done, I wait until I know she has money in her bank account. Then I move to garnish her account. The bank then locks down the account. She has time to appeal the garnishment (because there are some limited exceptions on money that can be garnished), but that could take up to 20 days to happen. During that time, the money in the account, up to $1128.14, is frozen. If she doesn't contest the garnishment, the money is mine. If she does, well I might not get all my money at once. Oh, and all the costs of garnishment are born by her.