July 12th, 2002


Born to be wild

My brother Dan likes to use motorcycles (the Ninja kind) for transportation. So one summer he decides he wants to sell the motorcycle (and buy a new one, maybe, I don't really remember). Puts an ad in the paper. Some guy answers the ad. Wants Dan to bring it by his work so he can take a look at it. So Dan shows up at the place where this guy works, Sears in Aurora at 155th. Guy comes out. Dan and he talk motorcycles for a while. Guy wants to try riding it. Dan gives him the keys. Guy takes it for a ride. Dan never sees him again. Walks inside Sears. They don't know who the guy is.

Cops did recover the bike eventually. And not in too bad of shape either.

I don't know if this is exactly how the events took place. That's how it was relayed to me by my other brothers and my mom.