July 9th, 2002


Video games

Yes, I play video games. I just finished my first run through on Halo for the Xbox.

I've never been much of a person to play them all the time. At least not since my youth, when I played crappy games at the 7-Eleven on Richmond Beach Road in what's now Shoreline. Got good at one game there that was broken. If you pressed the bar that they attached the padlock to, you got a credit. I forget the game though. Something like "Satan's Lair" or some such nonsense. I always did love Joust also. And a few other games which I can't remember the names of now.

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Red light, green light

So I pull up behind a car at a light today. You know, non descript beat up car. The kind of car that most people who don't have massive amounts of stock options drive. The light changes. The car doesn't move. I get a little annoyed. It changes to red and the car never made an attempt to get across the intersection. Neither did the car in front of it. So I'm pissed. It changes to green. They still don't move. Damn Seattle drivers.

Then I realize I am in the right hand lane. It's not a turn lane. These cars are parked. There's no one in them.