June 30th, 2002


My brother

So tonight my little brother (who is an inch taller and 30 pounds bigger) came out with me. He is visiting from San Francisco. We went to the Mercury, then to the Painted Parade party that Scot and Shannon threw, then we headed back to the Mercury. The second time around, Dan and my friend Laura hit it off. Yeah. I didn't have the heart to break them up to tell Dan we were heading home, so I asked Lance to tell Laura to give Dan a ride home. Then I poked my head into the pool room one last time, and they had already left. devilpuppy told me on my way out that Dan said to check my messages. Jason and I saw them driving off.

For some reason I find this kind of humorous and nauseating at the same time. Not sure exactly what I think of this. But then, my opinion doesn't really matter anyway, so I will keep my big mouth shut if I do come to a conclusion. Although Laura did ask if it was all right if she "dug" my brother. In the meantime, I sure as hell hope they use protection.


Deja Vu

So, two years ago in June, Jason and I had plans to go to a baseball game. We went out the night before to the Vogue where Jason met a girl, Laura. Jason stayed up all night with Laura and blew off the baseball game.

Today, I had plans to go to the baseball game with my brothers Dan and Joe, Joe's fiance and a friend of hers. Dan told us the game was at 4:30. It is, it is at 4:30 eastern time. Dan is still not home from last night with.... you guessed it, the very same Laura. Considering that several of the people who were going were coming from Bellingham, there's not going to be a game today due to time and... you guessed it my game-mate staying up too late with Laura.

This is very amusing. I am hereby instituting a new rule. I will never bring a single friend of mine to the Vogue or Mercury the night before we are supposed to go to a game when Laura is also single.

That is all.


King Rat reviews ginger ale

  • Reed's Ginger Brew is the best ginger ale around.
  • Brands such as Thomas Kemper have so much sugar that one cannot taste ginger.
  • Lowest on the list are the mass market brands, such as Canada Dry, Vernor's and Schweppes (all owned or distributed by Cadbury-Schweppes).
  • Blue Sky Soda makes a decent ginger ale, although it is still too sweet for my taste. It also has a little bit of an aftertaste that I do not like. The mass-market brands do not have the after-taste because they have no taste to start with.
  • I've also tried Shasta in years past, but it was so long ago I no longer remember the taste. I imagine it would be very similar to the mass-marker brands, as I recall Shasta being a store brand. I now think I am mistaken about the store brand status, but that's what I recall.

Now, I am off to the grocery to get some pasta sauce and some Reed's.


The ones that got away

Girls who liked me that I was too clueless to know what to do

  • Dianna Church
  • Deanna Hurum
  • The girl to whom I gave my sweatshirt
  • Deanna Higginson
  • Kristin Foss
  • Dawn
  • Lorene