June 23rd, 2002


Who is King Rat?

So apparently people are wondering who I am. A fair number of people who frequent the Mercury, and the Vogue, and "Goth coffee" and other such scene places and happenings actually know who I am and converse with me when I am there.

But I am not one of the more memorable faces, nor do I perform any outlandish party tricks that stand out in the crowd. I am shy to boot. But I am pretty good at figuring out who other people are from their descriptions, their avatars, pictures on various web sites, from statements other people make about who they have hung out with, and sometimes just good guessing. So I think I know who more people are that I haven't talked to, than people who haven't talked to me know who I am. (Did that sentence make sense grammatically?)

So now a few people have seen my posts on the Seagoth crack bored and are wondering who I am, especially because I sometimes know who they are.

I feel flattere. In my own mind, I still feel like the ignored kid that I was in high school, even though that has long since ceased to be the case. So I feel wanted and at least somewhat interesting because of this attention.

On the other hand, I also somewhat like being this mysterious wraith who seems to be at many events but noone knows who or where I am. Of course, I like it because I seem intriguing with this reputation. And so people want to get to find out who I am and get to know me. Which is what I want. But as people get to know me, I lose mystery. It is a classic catch-22. But I guess if the result is that I have friends, then it's a good trade.

In any case, I will introduce myself to LeeNy (leenerella) and Sheannine (darkgoddess7, did I spell your name correctly? did I link to the right Live Journal user? does it matter?), so you two won't have to wonder who I am.

Edit: Also, I owe darkphoenixrisn an introduction as well.