May 13th, 2002



I viewed Spider-man last night. I'm hiding the spoilers.

First impression: The movie was enjoyable, but it had a huge problem with the ending that will make it so I won't see the movie in a theater again. I liked the casting, particularly the choices of Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin and Cliff Robertson as Uncle Ben Parker. For the most part the producers stuck to the themes and characters of the original comic book series. With one notable exception, I agree with that choice. See the spoiler if you wish to know about my disagreement.

The action and the fight scenes in the movie were great! I often do not like fight scenes because they look too choreographed and fake looking. Watching Peter Parker try out his new powers was fun as well, as he learns what he can do and is amazed. It would have been cool to see him take longer and have more difficulty with them, but there's only so much time in a movie and that would definitely not be central to the story. I want to know why the Green Goblin used his "skeletonizing" bomb only the once though. He could have taken out Spider-Man in a pinch with that weapon, but instead chose some odd ways of fighting him. Chalk it up to movie-making though. Wouldn't have a story if that was the case.

The one major plot hole (since I am a plot elitist) is that the Green Goblin had multiple chances to learn Spider-Man's true identity and did not. Then later on the producers made an elaborate plot twist about him learning Spider-Man's identity that was central to the story. It just didn't make sense. However, again chalk that one up to the vagaries of movie-making.

Another good aspect to the movie is that they chose to play up the every-man aspect of Spider-Man and the Peter Parker characters. I love that. I didn't have a problem seeing myself in his position. I identified with him, in a way I wouldn't with over the stop characters like Superman or Rambo. I felt Peters lack of comfort when talking with Mary Jane Watson. I was put upon by the hazing and harassment that his classmates so callously inflicted. I was self-righteous along with Peter as he failed to stop the robber after the wrestling match.

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