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Roadtrip to Salt Lake City

This is mostly some random thoughts that I can remember from the trip, but I might end up with something meaningful to me or not. Follow along, dear readers.

What is is with central Washington and antique/fruit dealers? Why combine the two? I don't get it.

Jason and I did a lot of talking on the drive down. As you might have noticed, I've had some issues running through my head this week. I've still got them. But it was nice to set aside my troubles for a weekend. Although I could talk with Jason about them, I couldn't do anything due to the nature of being in a truck for 13 hours straight. I've come to some conclusions now. I have a couple of to-do items on my list. Those will get taken care fo forthwith. And I do not want to be alone. I've felt alone for a month or so. And there's no need for it. Further discussions will need to be had.

I didn't really enjoy the city of Salt Lake. Mostly this was because of a lack of planning on my part. As a relatively last minute trip, I never spent the time to figure out what I could do when there. Wasn't sure how much time I would have though.

The Great Salt Lake is a lot smaller than it was 10 or 15 years ago. We drove out to see it, but didn't get out of the vehicle.

SLC has a pretty nifty gothic/industrial club called the Sanctuary. It's spacious and decently lit. Friendly people, and no attitude toward non-goth dressed people like happens at the Mercury (which I participate in sometimes). People introduced themselves to us even. We met Shelley and Jen and a girl I am going to call pot girl cause I can't remember her name and she invited us to smoke pot with her. We declined. Door people hassled us the first night, though eventually they let us in. Liquor laws in Utah are tight, so no Mercury style drinks for Jason. DJs were decent.

Saturday night we were there for the Assemblage 23 show. Met victorianrose23 and her husband. First words out of her mouth to me were You really are an attracive man! Nice ego boost. I also got a few compliments on the kilt. Not too many places to buy them in SLC, so the men there don't wear them as much. I didn't get groped though.

I made a prank call, but it didn't turn out too well.

After the Great Salt Lake bust, Jason and I decided to see Bulletprood Monk. It's amazing that a movie can start off awful and keep getting worse.

Tom and Assemblage performed a great show, although his voice was starting to go after a 6 week tour. The Salt Lake kids were just eating him up.

Emough for now, as I am too tired to type properly really. Maybe more later. Well definitely more later for a couple of you.


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