September 6th, 1988


(no subject)

It is 2:13 am. and I'm in a bad mood. The only two people in the world who accept me as I am live 300 miles away. ALl the people I see everyday want me to be somebody different. They want my annoying voice to change. They want me to be a different person. And one of the things that is really annoying me is that I care that people don't accept me. I know that caring about that is only human but I want my emotions to be independent. Fat chance? And the person I want most ot accept me is Laura. I don't know exactly why. I crave her acceptance. I don't want anybody else's acceptance. It does piss me off when other people don't accept me but I'm not about to change myself for them. I think I'm willing to change myslef to gain her acceptance. So it is 2:30 and I'm pissed off at nobody in particular but the world.