July 24th, 1987


(no subject)

Being very bored tonight, I have read another book.

Korman, Gordon. Our Man Weston. An Apple paperback, published by Scholastic Inc. 225 pgs. copyright 1982 ISBN: 0-590-40352-4

The total is now up to 2446 pgs. This isn't a bad book. It has the usual convoluted plot written entertainingly that one usually gets from Gordon Korman. But it is extremely childish. Korman's Bruno + Boots books as well as I Want to Go Home are written very realistically. Both No Coins, Please and Our Man Weston are very unrealistic. A kid who spends every last minute buying detective equipment and searching out nonexistent crimes is too much of a nutcase to exist. Oh well, like I said, it is entertaining. A good way to waste 1½ hours.