June 9th, 1987


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I have $54.67 in cash + $500 in checks.

I am now scheduled for 9:30 on Thursday to testify. I just wish they would get this stupid thing over with so I can get my shopping done.

OK now about Starship Troopers. It's an interesting story. The main character shows every emotion that he should as he works his way through the Mobile Infantry, the Army of the future. The story presents some interesting ideas, such as only allowing veterans to vote and have citizenship. Because they have proved that they put society above themselves. The book is also rather harsh on our own 20th century U.S. Army. (i.e., letting people who have never been through ranks to be officers, and having more officers than enlisted men) It is also quite harsh on the methods of raising children nowadays. It produces an intersting comparison w/ training a dog. In this world, people are punished rarely, but severely. As a consequence of this there is a very low crime rate. But even w/ all this it is still a story of Rico as he makes his way thru M.I. and the cmraderie he finds there. Read it.


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Today I also read.

McKay, Robert. Dave's Song. Bantam Books. Bantam Young Adult Novel. 14th printing Sept. 1981 copyright 1969. 150 pgs. ISBN: 0-553-20214-6

This book is pretty much worthless. It's the story of a girl who has the choice between two guys. Mal Reed, a guy who doesn't particularly turn her on. He's rich and will inherit his father's department store business. Dave Burdick, a revel and loner who is constantly full of surprises. He likes birds, is orners as a mule (like his father). She feels intense periods of passion followed by days in which she wonders why she feels those moments of passion. Look at the two guys I described and then at the title of the book and guess who she chooses. The prosecution rests.