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Did you ever see the movie Kids? That was the movie that put Chloe Sevigny on the map. Disturbing movie. This one will disturb you in the same way. Cause this movie is about… drum roll please… pedophilia. Well, not completely. But it's a major part of the movie. Brian Cox plays the pedophile. Wonderful acting job. I've also heard his commentary on the DVD is very good. However, I couldn't bring myself to watch the movie a second time to listen to the commentary. So it's sealed up in the Netflix return envelope.

Howie Blitzer's mother has recently died on the Long Island Expressway (L.I.E., the title has two meanings). His father is neglectful but present. He already taken up with another woman when he is indicted on federal charges. Howie has taken to hanging with Gary, a local street-walking kid. They break into houses. But one of the houses Gary already knows. It's the home of Big John Harrigan, our pedophile. He catches Howie, but then takes a big interest in him. Gary, already ruined by life is just using Howie and John to get away.

Basically, this is Howie growing up in a week. It's disturbing in that they present a pedophile as a likable guy. For that reason I can't recommend the movie. It presents it as sucking the soul out of John, but not as a judgment. I realize that pedophiles are not like Darth Vader in their evilness. If they were, they wouldn't be able to lure children so well. In this movie, Howie isn't stupid. He sees what John is trying to do. But just because it presents a truth about pedophiles doesn't mean I want to see it presented.

Anyway, the movie is well acted. It's a bit choppy. Some jarring changes of pace, and some sections that really drag. But because of the whole creepy angle, I'd rather not think of this movie much again.


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