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King Rat
Private Life
James Crumley, The Wrong Case

I read The Last Good Kiss a few months ago. Decided to try and read all of Crumley's stuff. I already have a couple that I will re-read. Luckily, he's not too prolific of a writer, at least of novels. What he leaves out in quantity he makes up for in quality.

This is the story of Milo a private investigator in the up and coming town of Meriwether Montana. His business is tanking cause of a new no-fault divorce law. But a pretty woman hires him to find out what happened to her brother. Milo soon names his price. His days (looking for the brother) in exchange for her nights. She has that effect on him. And our hero isn't such a good hero. He's a drunk.

Read the book. Everything from the mob to drunks to large gay bearded men in mascara to hippies balling in the car. The story has panache. Read the book.

And does anyone using the word balling for fucking anymore? Did they ever? 70s novels like to use the word. Something about the word bothers me though.


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